Constructing cultural identity, representing social power

ISBN 9788884927347

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"Constructing Cultural Identity. Representing Social Power" is the fifth volume to be published by an international research group devoted to exploring the multifaceted relationships between culture, in its various aspects, and power. In this volume particular attention is paid to how literature and the arts, architecture and urban space are used to express and support power - and sometimes to contest it. Edited by Cânâ Bilsel, Kim Esmark, Niyazi Kizilyürek, Ólafur Rastrick, the volume is published by Thematic Work Group on 'Power and Culture' part of, a Network of Excellence supported by the European Commission through the Sixth Framework programme of its Directorate GeneraI for Research.

...fine, as there are at least six common ways that culture is used in the United States ... Cultural identity as a social construct - ResearchGate ... . For the purposes of exploring the communicative aspects of culture, we will define culture as the ongoing negotiation of learned and patterned beliefs, attitudes, values, and behaviors. Unpacking the definition, we can see that culture shouldn't be conceptualized as ... Language and cultural identity: Perceptions of the role of language in the construction of Aboriginal identities by Claire Owen A thesis submitted to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies Carleton University Identity amplification affects a change in an individual's identity salience hierarchy, such that an existing but lower-order identity becomes sufficiently salient to ensure engagement in collective action, as in the many cases in which in the identity of woman was elevated and expanded in conjunction with the Women's Movement; identity consolidation involves the adoption of an identity that ... Identity politics—the political debates around shared cultural characteristics ... Constructing cultural identity, representing social power ... ... ... Identity politics—the political debates around shared cultural characteristics such as race, class, and religion—became a way for people to address these issues. Many artists, such as Glenn Ligon, Deborah Kass, and Lorna Simpson, created work in response to their multifaceted identities, suggesting that the problems society faces are a result of intersecting forms of discrimination toward ......